• May 22, 2024

SAP, the enterprise software giant that has emerged as a large player in RPA and process automation, has completed its acquisition of German process intelligence firm Signavio.

When the companies announced the deal in February, SAP said the acquisition will be used to bolster a new business transformation solution that moves more systems to the cloud as a way to make businesses more resilient. Signavio’s process management technology is a cloud-native offering.

“With Signavio now an official part of our business process intelligence unit, we can help companies quickly understand, improve, transform and manage their business processes at scale,” said Rouven Morato, general manager of Business Process Intelligence for SAP. “SAP now is a leading player in this market and our customers will benefit from a cutting-edge end-to-end business process transformation suite.”

SAP was recently included by Forrester as one of the 14 leading providers of RPA technology in the space.