• May 22, 2024

SAP, one of the giants in the enterprise software space, recently rolled out several low- and no-code tools around business processes including one that will specifically enable citizen developers to automate using RPA as IT resources continue to become scarcer.

The company, which made the announcement at its recent TechEd annual developers conference in December, is one of a growing number of enterprise software providers including Salesforce, Oracle, AWS and others that are offering RPA and other workflow management and automation tools through their platforms.

The announcement highlighted three SAP Cloud Platform extensions: a low-code workflow management tool that enables businesses to increase end-to-end visibility of their processes, a solution called SAP Ruum that allows non-technical business line users to create processes for their departments and the SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation 2.0 RPA tool that enables process automation using prebuilt bot templates in the S/4HANA cloud platform.