• May 22, 2024

A Swiss startup specializing in Intelligent Document Processing has rebranded from Turicode to Acodis. The company says its new name and visual identity will be more reflective of the platform’s “mission to turn documents into value.”

IDP software’s ability to process unstructured data from documents using machine learning makes it a valuable adjunct to RPA technology, making that data easily digestible for automation. Based in Winterhur, Switzerland, Acodis enables customers to automate the inspection and classification of documents along with enhanced data extraction, validation and analysis.

“Over the past five years, Acodis has been able to solve many challenges in document processing for its numerous customers with the help of machine learning,” said CEO and co-founder Martin Keller. “This experience has been carefully immersed into the development of the new Acodis platform. The software is setting new standards in terms of ease-of-use, versatility, security and performance in the field of IDP.”