• June 20, 2024

While several industries including finance and healthcare are leading the way in robotic process automation (RPA) implementations, government is potentially one of the largest sectors available to software providers in the space. And BAE Systems, a major contractor to the U.S. military and other government agencies, announced a partnership with RPA technology provider UiPath to explore opportunities to automate repetitive processes in the U.S. defense and intelligence communities using machine learning.

As with other industries, but especially vital within intelligence or defense workflows, RPA solutions enable organizations to divert human capital from repetitive tasks to more critical challenges.

“We are transitioning RPA technology from traditional business processes to automate intelligence analysis workflows, aligning to major intelligence community augmented analytics initiatives,” said Manish Parikh, chief technology officer of the BAE Systems Intelligence & Security sector. “Working with UiPath, our analysts are laying the foundation on which future augmented analytics capabilities will be designed and integrated into government systems.”