• May 21, 2024

As organizations continue to search for ways to automate processes that require unstructured data and interactions with customers, natural language processing (NLP) is becoming a more important part of automation software offerings. To bolster its capability in this area, RPA technology provider UiPath announced it has acquired Re:infer.

The London-based company, founded in 2015, uses machine learning to understand the context of emails, conversations and other communications and turn them into data that can be leveraged in automation.

“Automating the interpretation of documents and communications data bridges the gap between humans and information technology systems, and structured and unstructured data to supercharge digital transformation efforts in the enterprise,” said Dr. Ed Challis, CEO and co-founder of Re:infer. “We have spent the last seven years building an innovative technology and believe UiPath will take us to another level. We couldn’t be more excited to access UiPath’s power of scale and introduce Re:infer to a new global audience.”

Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.