• June 20, 2024

A major concern for CIOs and CISOs around RPA and intelligent automation has been possible gaps in network security created by its implementation and use. A partnership announced recently between RPA technology provider UiPath and cybersecurity platform CrowdStrike aims to address those potential gaps and protect companies pursuing automation strategies in a post-Covid world.

According to a recent report, less than half of organizations have a privileged access management strategy in place for digital transformation technologies like RPA, leaving them vulnerable to cyber-attack. The trend toward empowering “citizen developers” with low- and no-code automation platforms is exacerbating the worries of tech leaders.

Under the agreement between UiPath and CrowdStrike, joint customers of the companies will have more robust threat detection for their networks and receive faster response to security incidents arising from their use of RPA technology.

“CrowdStrike and UiPath together bring unparalleled capabilities to the market to mitigate potential risk and increase the visibility of the security organization into robot-led activities,” said Amol Kulkarni, chief product officer at CrowdStrike. “As automation becomes a core part of the enterprise technology stack and protecting against threats becomes more complex, strengthening our joint customers’ security posture will positively impact their business outcomes.”