• April 25, 2024

RPA technology provider UiPath has announced the creation of an AI advisory board that will help direct the company’s efforts as automation technology evolves to incorporate more advanced capabilities. The New York City-based company has named AI expert Dr. Oren Etzioni as the board’s chair.

UiPath said the advisory board will provide guidance to the company as it develops AI-infused automation products to work with and alongside humans, ensuring they are trustworthy, explainable and ethical.

Dr. Etzioni has deep roots in the AI community and has served as both an academic – having earned his PhD in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University and serving as Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington – and in the private sector as founder of several tech startups. Currently, Dr. Etzioni is CEO of the Allen Institute for AI.

“AI is poised to play an increasingly large role in societies across the world,” said Etzioni. “Accordingly, there is a growing interest in ensuring that it is used in a responsible and beneficial manner. A range of perspectives and contributions are needed, spanning the full spectrum from fundamental research to sustained deployments. I’m honored to have the opportunity to chair this important initiative for UiPath to help ensure human-centered automation methods are deployed to establish ethical, inclusive, and accountable AI systems.”