• April 19, 2024

RPA technology provider UiPath announced a strengthened and expanded partnership with data cloud company Snowflake. Under the agreement, customers of both companies can take advantage of integrated technology to build automated workflows with UiPath technology based on data inputs provided by Snowflake.

According to a UiPath statement announcing the expanded relationship between the existing partners, the integration will enable UiPath users to automate data pipelines and simplify the creation of workflows by retrieving and pushing data from and to the Snowflake data cloud.

“We believe that accessing reliable and trusted data from the Snowflake Data Cloud is key to delivering a fully automated enterprise,” said Dhruv Asher, SVP of Business Development and Product Alliances at UiPath. “With this new integration, UiPath and Snowflake collaborate to seamlessly centralize valuable data that is locked away in data silos, documents, legacy systems, and other hard to reach places. This enables our joint customers to find new insights, unlock new opportunities, and drive innovation with more of the data they already have.”