• May 22, 2024

RPA technology provider UiPath announced a partnership with technology consultant NCS to bolster delivery of automation products and strategies to its customers in the Asia Pacific region. The agreement expands an existing partnership and will create a practice within NCS that will build automations on the UiPath platform and drive an “automation-first” approach.

“NCS is investing in developing intelligent and automated operating models to deliver rich customer experiences and drive high-impact employee engagement,” said Howie Lau, managing partner of Corporate Development and Partnerships at NCS. “Through our partnership with UiPath, we are reimagining and simplifying internal processes by integrating automation into our business units and products to offer our clients more intelligent and elevated services for the digital age.”

In a joint statement, the companies said the NCS UiPath Automation Practice will have more than 250 employees focused on “process discovery, automation testing, and delivery of the fully automated enterprise.”