• May 22, 2024

UiPath announced that the U.S. federal government’s Federal Risk and Authorization Management (FedRAMP) program has designated its cloud offering for the public sector as “In Process.” FedRAMP is a set of standards for cloud services providers (CSPs) enabling them to work with multiple federal agencies without going through a security review each time they begin with a new one.

The “In Process” designation means UiPath is actively working toward a FedRAMP authorization with either the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) or a federal agency. The U.S. federal government is an early adopter of RPA technology and UiPath is only one provider working with it on automation initiatives.

The New York City-based RPA technology provider said its cloud offering is already available on the FedRAMP Marketplace and the new designation will make it easier for federal agencies to implement RPA.

“This administration’s customer experience executive order creates the establishment of a digital-first service delivery model for government,” said Christopher Townsend, vice president of Public Sector at UiPath. “Automation helps achieve this far-reaching goal by enabling faster, more effective services in every level of government. Our FedRAMP designation is a major milestone which will bring more value to our federal customers who want the ease and flexibility of a secure and compliant cloud-based automation platform.”