• June 19, 2024

Advances in technology that can recognize and extract handwritten and other kinds of information from documents has proven an important facet of RPA and a crucial selling point for prospective customers. New York City-based intelligent document processing firm HyperScience on Monday announced that it has become a technology partner of RPA provider UiPath.

Under the agreement, HyperScience integrates its platform with UiPath bots enabling users to automatically extract previously inaccessible information from handwritten documents, distorted images and low-res scans and use it to automate various processes. 

“We’re excited to have HyperScience join our growing certified partner ecosystem,” said Dave Marcus, Vice President of Strategic Product Technology Alliances at UiPath. “The HyperScience AI-based solution offers significant value and freedom to our customers, who are using RPA but need to process multiple document types that include handwriting.”