• May 22, 2024

As Covid-19 continues to flare up in the U.S., the return to in-office work has hit a bump in the road. Many workers who turned to remote work continue to do so and suppliers, partners and sales organizations are coming up with more ways to reach those people to ensure they have the tools they need to maintain productivity.

One RPA provider has launched a virtual streaming solution enabling those working remotely to experience the company’s products through demos and workshops. UiPath, which launched its Immersion Lab a year ago to do the same in an in-person environment. Because much business travel is still not taking place, the company this week launched a virtual version of the program.

“We launched the idea of setting up a space where our customers and partners can immerse themselves in the art of the possible with our technology and test their ideas one year ago,” said Boris Krumrey, vice president of Automation Innovations at UiPath. “Thanks to the newly launched virtual solution, we will be able to welcome our customers and offer uninterrupted support throughout their automation journey, helping them to accelerate digital innovations during a time of major disruption.”