• April 22, 2024

Workfellow, a Helsinki, Finland-based task mining software provider, announced this week it has launched a marketplace where users can integrate with more than 350 popular business and enterprise IT apps for increased process visibility across those systems.

The company said process mining and task mining technology usually requires complex integration to gain access to event logs and master data from the business apps they use. The Workfellow Marketplace enables users to choose the app they are interested in gaining process insight from and begin receiving process intelligence in under 30 days, according to Workfellow’s co-founder and CEO Kustaa Kivela.

“There is a misconception among enterprise leaders, for example, that process visibility can only be achieved by data mining perfectly organized event logs and master data in SAP,” Kivela sas. “This is no longer the case. At Workfellow we’ve been able to leverage AI to generate actionable insights across a large number of business applications from popular productivity apps to bespoke industry solutions.”

The company instead, it says, captures business data directly from the user interface of the business application, enabling a wide-angle view of process performance across the entire enterprise.