• July 24, 2024

For companies considering RPA or trying to scale existing programs, process mining is becoming an indispensable companion technology. While governance, design, executive buy-in and cross-departmental cooperation are all important to successful RPA implementations, identifying the right processes to automate in the first place is critical. Increasingly, companies are employing process mining technology to optimize the effectiveness of their RPA programs.

It’s so important to businesses using RPA to automate, RPA Today has decided to devote a deep dive webinar to the subject. Our presenting partner, NICE, will present the results of a case study on a solution that enabled a global logistics giant to more precisely identify which processes it should automate.

Join RPA Today founder Steve Casco as he welcomes guests Jackie Griffin, Director of Automation Solutions at NICE and Martijn Zuiderbaan, Automation Realist at RPA consultancy PAteam.

Watch the Rebroadcast here