• May 29, 2024

The Everest Group, a global technology consultant based in Dallas, has released its annual evaluation of intelligent document processing (IDP) technology providers for 2024. The company, which produces a “PEAK Matrix” report for dozens of technology sectors including several related to intelligent automation, named ABBYY, AYR, Indico Data, Microsoft, Tungsten Automation, UiPath and WorkFusion as “Leaders” in the space.

IDP, increasingly integrated into intelligent automation platforms, enables organizations to extract and validate data from unstructured and semi-structured formats and use that information to automate highly manual business processes. The technology has become so ubiquitous that Everest Group has released PEAK Matrix Assessments specifically to evaluate providers focused on the banking and insurance sectors as part of its overall report.

The Everest Group assessment ranked 26 companies that provide IDP technology either as a standalone solution or as part of an automation platform. It evaluated those firms on two axes— “market impact” and “vision and capability”— and separated them according to their position on the matrix into “aspirants,” “major contenders” and “leaders.”

In addition to the leaders, the report included Alkymi, AntWorks, Appian, Automation Anywhere, Datamatics, EdgeVerve, EXL, Google LLC, HCL Tech, Hypatos, Hyperscience, IBM, Infrrd, JIFFY.ai, KnowledgeLake, Laiye, Nividous, Rossum and SS&C Blue Prism.