• July 25, 2024

Vietnamese RPA provider akaBot has partnered with Soroco, an American company that enables companies to better visualize and organize their business process environment. Boston-based Soroco says its “work graph” enables businesses to see the output of disjointed solutions including process mining, task mining, user training, BPM, and RPA to “provide a single source of truth.” Under the agreement akaBot will integrate the work graph into its platform to help users bring together the disparate technologies that make up hyperautomation.

“The strategic partnership with Soroco marks a milestone for akaBot on the way to delivering hyperautomation solutions,” said Ryan Bui, CEO and founder of akaBot. “I cannot wait to see our clients thrive with automation efficiencies boosted to the next level.”

While North America and Europe still dominate the RPA market, sales revenue is growing significantly in Asia. akaBot joins other Asian companies—many, like Laiye and Cyclone, based in China—that have made recent moves to expand regionally and globally.