• July 25, 2024

The technology priorities of asset managers center around blockchain and tokenization, but automation and RPA are quickly finding a place in the industry, according to the results of a new report from BNY Mellon.

Eighty-four percent of asset managers reported they are planning to employ blockchain to develop solutions that can synchronize data and digital processes with an eye toward managing digital assets. After that, more respondents identified artificial intelligence and machine learning (78 percent) and RPA (75 percent) as organizational priorities than any other technology asked about in the survey.

According to BNY Mellon, efficiency technologies like intelligent automation will directly impact the clients of asset managers in a positive way over the next three years.

“Digital assets are here to stay,” said Mike Demissie, head of digital assets unit and advanced solutions at BNY Mellon. “Enabled by distributed ledger technologies, digital assets including cryptocurrencies, stablecoins as well as tokenized forms of other assets will be an important part of the financial ecosystem.”