• July 21, 2024

Scaling successful automation pilots has proven challenging for many companies that are otherwise committed to RPA and intelligent automation. As an aid to achieve that end, RPA technology provider Automation Anywhere has launched a new tool it says will evaluate the maturity of an automation program and provide recommendations for increasing adoption at a particular stage of development.

The San Jose, Calif.-based company said the tool assesses program maturity in four key areas: vision and strategy, process and measurement, organization and people, and architecture and technology. Automation Anywhere has made it publicly available for free here.

In addition, the RPA provider has developed several other learning and support resources for its Automation 360 platform including a customer journey map and guide, a citizen development program accelerator and citizen development practitioner training.

“Our vision is to help every organization focus on more meaningful, creative endeavors that delight customers and grow the business. They can only do that by deferring manual, repetitive tasks and processes to software bots, freeing up time for innovation,” said Prince Kohli, CTO of Automation Anywhere. “With these new resources introduced today, we can empower every employee across the organization – from automation leaders to citizen developers – to leverage RPA, helping us move closer to realizing this goal.”