• July 21, 2024

Two major wars, numerous local conflicts, and various examples of political and economic turmoil globally are driving people caught up in these situations to flee homes around the world. Many of these people are asking for asylum in unfamiliar places that often lack the infrastructure to accommodate them. A new partnership between Automation Anywhere and Robo Co-Op hopes to equip some of these refugees with skills that will enable them to integrate into new homes.

The Global Gateway Program is offering refugees in some areas the opportunity to learn digital skills that would ease their transition as they escape from whatever conflict they left behind.

Neeti Mehta Shulka, Co-founder and Social Impact Officer at Automation Anywhere, said: “Our ambitious goal in partnering with Robo Co-op to create 100,000 job opportunities for refugees and simultaneously upskill refugees over the next three years is a testament to our commitment to not only addressing the immediate challenges of displacement, but also empowering individuals with the skills and opportunities crucial for long-term success.”

Armed with new skills, Robo Co-Op has partnered with hundreds of companies that are experiencing a talent gap and in need of skilled workers in the automation and other tech fields.