• June 19, 2024

Businesses, on average, are investing about $5 million in RPA in 2019, with the largest organizations spending $10 million to $20 million annually, according to a report from consultants Proviti and ESI ThoughtLab. The report, Taking RPA to the Next Level, said executives expect higher productivity across a range of industries, with financial services and telecommunications leading the way.

“Executives are finding that investments in RPA can produce a multitude of benefits,” said Tony Abel, a managing director with Protiviti. “In as little as two years, those companies we’ve identified as leaders will be using bots in virtually every function within their organizations.”

The report also looked at some of the biggest challenges companies experience when planning or implementing RPA projects. Forty percent of respondents said prioritization was one of the top obstacles they encountered. Another 30 percent said an inability to focus RPA on applications it would be best suited for in their organization was the biggest issue.