• July 25, 2024

Education efforts by stakeholders in the RPA space seem to be having some net positive effect, according to the results of a new study. While it is unsurprising that managers see the benefits RPA could bring to their operations, employees might consider it a threat. The State of Automation in Customer Service, from RPA technology provider NICE, however, found that 75 percent of employees in the customer service space in the U.S. and U.K. believe RPA will improve their individual performance.

A quarter of those surveyed reported that repetitive tasks comprise up to 75 percent of their day. And, much of the dissatisfaction of those employees is driven by the explosion of data and the need to organize it. Employees who took the survey identified pulling data (33 percent), filling in forms (29 percent) and checking data accuracy (27 percent) as applications that, if automated, would help them do their jobs better.

“This survey is a distinct indicator of the shift in mindset within the customer service industry, marking an exciting time for enterprises to invest in intelligent, employee-centric RPA solutions.” Barry Cooper, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group said. “Employees and managers alike now more clearly understand the benefits of RPA and are ready to embrace it. Delivering exceptional customer experience is essential. Brands will only succeed if they provide employees with solutions that help them focus on customer service and alleviate them of repetitive tasks.”