• June 19, 2024

One of the reasons companies stick with a technology vendor they might not be 100 percent happy with is the time and expense associated with changing. Blueprint Software Systems, a Toronto-based automation services company, aiming to change that for RPA users, has partnered with Microsoft to make migrating away from a legacy system to Microsoft easier.

“Many organizations today are frustrated with their existing RPA vendor, but the prospect of switching tools has been considered too difficult, too expensive, and too slow to implement,” says Dan Shimmerman, CEO of Blueprint. “Through our collaboration with Microsoft, we’ve built out our RPA migration solution capabilities to enable any company that’s dissatisfied with their current RPA provider to move to Microsoft Power Automate Desktop quickly and at near-zero cost.”

Blueprint says the mechanism that enables seamless migration to Microsoft’s Power Automate is its integration with Blueprint’s workflow design environment, instead of requiring physical process documentation.