• April 13, 2024

A Canadian company that offers AI-based predictive and preventive technologies in health and cybersecurity, has partnered with 7-Eleven Korea to provide the convenience store chain with RPA infrastructure.

While 7-Eleven was founded in the U.S., it has more than 70,000 stores around the world, nearly 10,000 of them in South Korea. While the announcement did not disclose how the chain would employ RPA, Datametrex, based in Toronto, said it is working closely with the company to improve its delivery on innovation.

“At Datametrex, we continue our efforts to facilitate ground-breaking technologies to companies across the globe. Our technology is proven to be valuable to make sense of the data beyond complicated spreadsheets.” said Marshall Gunter, CEO of Datametrex. “We pride ourselves in providing tools that our clients can use to visualize their customer and stakeholder data. Through predictive analysis they can support their decision making, mitigate risk, and improve their bottom line.”