• June 19, 2024

As automation technology advances and more companies employ software to automate business processes, RPA developers are in higher demand than ever, according to a new report. The report cited the global Covid-19 pandemic, which forced the annual UiPath DevCon where it was released to go virtual, as one reason the already hot career path has gotten even more lucrative.

More than 1,500 RPA professionals, mostly from the U.S., India and Japan, were polled and 70 percent said their organization is planning on hiring more developers in the next 12 months. Eighty-four percent said their job as an RPA developer will have a positive impact on their career paths.

“There’s never been greater demand amongst businesses to accelerate digital transformation efforts for business agility and continuity. RPA has proven itself as a technology that enables businesses to be agile, flexible and efficient. It’s not surprising to see RPA professionals in greater demand than ever before,” said Tom Clancy, SVP UiPath Learning. “Through training programs and community conferences like DevCon, we’re committed to empowering people from around the world with the RPA skills they need to fill these demands and succeed in the workplace of the future.”

The report also found that 96 percent of RPA professionals are satisfied in their careers, 80 percent feel their organization values their work and 92 percent think the industry will experience high growth over the next five years.