• July 21, 2024

End users in a rapidly increasing number of business verticals are finding use cases for RPA and automation that are contributing significantly to cost reduction, increases in productivity, business continuity and more. The pandemic has opened the eyes of business leaders to the potential of automation and verticals that boomed during Covid lockdowns, but needed to make do with a reduced workforce, tended to see the benefits sooner. Online grocery ordering and delivery exploded in the early days of the pandemic and experts agree that many consumers have continued the habit of food shopping that way.

Deliveroo, a U.K.-based grocery delivery service, is expanding internationally and has launched an engineering center in Hyderabad, India. The company said it will hire more than 150 engineers by the end of this year, many earmarked to work on automation and AI initiatives.

“We know in India there are engineers able to tackle some of the most challenging problems in tech, to innovate in a fast-paced environment and to combine experience and expertise with an entrepreneurial mindset,” said Devesh Mishra, Deliveroo’s Chief Product and Technology Officer. “The work we do in India will have a global impact, helping Deliveroo to scale while being at the forefront of change in its sector. This is a massive opportunity for software engineers, data scientists, machine learning and artificial intelligence engineers to work on some of the toughest challenges in engineering.”