• July 25, 2024

Hyperautomation is a relatively new term describing a broader collection of processes and automation tools working in concert versus tactically automating specific processes within a business. And, according to business analytics firm SAS, European and some APAC countries are leading the way in awareness and interest.

SAS used online search activity as a proxy for awareness. Search data for “hyperautomation” and related keywords revealed awareness is highest in Finland, with 4.5 out of every 10,000 people searching for the term online. Scandinavian neighbor Sweden was next with just under 3 in every 10,000 searches. Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany rounded out the top 10 of the 24 countries assessed. The U.K. was 12th on the list and the U.S., France, Spain, Italy and Japan were all in the bottom 10.

“Data-driven automation has moved from robotic process automation, which automates linear processes, to intelligent automation, where artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms improve decision making,” SAS said in a blog post reporting the results. “Hyperautomation is the next step in this journey, bringing together multiple business processes, RPA and AI on a cloud platform to make better-informed decisions at speed. Organizations may have used automation in isolation, with a relatively small data set, to solve one or two challenges. But now, they use it to combine data from across the business in an always-on, always-connected system.”