• July 21, 2024

The Everest Group, a global technology consultant based in Dallas, has released its annual evaluation of process orchestration solution providers for 2023. The company, which produces a “PEAK Matrix” report for dozens of technology sectors including several related to intelligent automation, named two new entrants to the “Leaders” category. Kofax and SS&C Blue Prism joined returners Appian, Microsoft and Pega in its highest category of vendors in the space.

As larger organizations accumulate more and more business processes to enable, optimize and automate the work they do, they increasingly are turning to process orchestration software to help design, manage, and monitor the processes individually and collectively across the entire company. According to Everest Group, PO technology enables enterprises to orchestrate the flow of work across human workers, digital workers, and applications in long-running workflows.

In a sign that the category is growing, The Everest Group assessment ranked 24 companies that provide PO technology either as a standalone solution or as part of an automation platform compared to 18 last year. It evaluated those firms on two axes—“market impact” and “vision and capability”—and separated them according to their position on the matrix into “aspirants,” “major contenders” and “leaders.”

In addition to the “leaders,” technology providers evaluated by Everest Group for the report include: AgilePoint, AuraQuantic, Automation Anywhere, Axon Ivy, Decisions, Enate, EvoluteIQ, FireStart, GBTEC, Kissflow, Nintex, Nividious, Oracle, PMG, Salesforce, SAP, Ultimus, Zoho and Zvolv.

While Everest Group sells a version of the report on its website that includes a full market and trend analysis, the graph showing the relative positions of the companies included in the evaluation is publicly available.