• June 20, 2024

The General Services Administration (GSA) has taken the lead in identifying opportunities and assisting in implementation of RPA in the United States federal government, and it is using RPA in a time of crisis to make its operations more efficient.

According to a UiPath blog post, the GSA is using a software robot to adapt its mission during the Covid-19 pandemic. In normal times, the GSA manages office space for the federal government in nearly 10,000 buildings nationwide. In this case, the GSA is tasked with tracking Covid-19 infection, mapping threats to these facilities and updating that information multiple times daily.

According to the post, the GSA is using a UiPath designed robot that logs in to geographic information systems, collects information about buildings under its management and matches those buildings with infection counts on a county level. With this information, the GSA has established a map showing infections of government workers that assists in decision making.