• July 25, 2024

A cryptocurrency publication that took a poll of technologies that organizations are prioritizing in 2020 probably did not anticipate blockchain coming in last. One the technologies business leaders are high on, though? RPA.

According to InsideBitcoins.com, aside from cloud solutions (public, private and multi-cloud) and containers, RPA and AI were the only technologies more than half of enterprises identified as priorities in the coming year.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, which include automation technologies in addition to many others, was named as a priority for adoption by 72 percent of those polled. And RPA, specifically, was identified by nearly 60 percent of organizations as a priority. Only 38 percent said they would adopt blockchain in the coming year.

“A shift towards AI is aimed to help organizations fill skill gaps and automate processes to improve efficiency,” InsideBitcoins.com said in the report. “For containers, it helps reduce costs while robotic process automation (RPA), increases efficiency and improves employees’ ability to meet customer demands quickly.”