• April 22, 2024

Suddenly, entire companies are working from home. This has presented organizations with the challenge of staying in touch and confirming they are healthy. AutomationEdge, an Indian firm specializing in hyperautomation and RPA technology, announced it has released “Covid-19 crisis response appbots” that automates this process.

The company has launched two bots to help organizations plan, allocate and inform human capital in a workforce that is working from home en masse for the first time: a “self-report” bot that asks all employees of a company to update their health symptoms and status and “outreach” bot enabling companies to automate a “check-in” process to provide information to employees and confirm their location and safety.

“As the corona virus continues to infect more people, the key to prevent its further transmission, enhance collaboration and effectiveness would be to equip the organization with more data and patterns related to its staff, and that’s what these apps are built to deliver,” said Uday Birajdar, CEO and Co- founder, AutomationEdge. “A well-informed citizen, employee or employer can fight against such pandemics effectively.”