• July 25, 2024

After two funding rounds in 2020 totaling $140 million, New York City-based Hyperscience has launched its enterprise intelligent automation solution.

While Hypersicence’s platform is not RPA, company executives have said RPA is the “orchestration technology” and partnerships with RPA vendors will help companies automate other high-impact business processes.

“To solve tomorrow’s automation challenges today, we must connect humans and artificial intelligence to create better outcomes, for our customers and their end users,” said Peter Brodsky, CEO and co-founder of Hyperscience. “After experiencing a milestone year of company growth…it is clear to our team that the need for our technology has never been greater. The Hyperscience Platform creates a world where machines and humans work side-by-side in a way that delivers more accurate data and efficient workflows. It’s an exciting opportunity to streamline operations, solve customers’ business challenges, and step even further into the future of work.”