• June 19, 2024

During times of economic stress, businesses sometimes have to make decisions that affect their workforce negatively. At best, employees who survive with their jobs often find themselves doing more with fewer resources. A new survey that examined the effect of Covid on organizations says poor processes are contributing to dissatisfaction. A quarter reported being so harried by poor business processes they wanted to quit their jobs.

The survey, fielded by digital intelligence company ABBYY, also found nearly half of those polled said bad processes made their job more challenging and a third called them a waste of time.

“During 2020, we saw a forced modernization of technology to meet an increasingly remote standard of doing business. We also saw the consequences of introducing new technologies too quickly and not fully understanding how they impact the entire business process workflow – they ended up frustrating employees and impacting their productivity,” said Bruce Orcutt, Senior Vice president of Product Marketing at ABBYY. “In order to meet new demands, businesses need to know where their inefficiencies lie and how they can fix them before considering new automation tools.”

Other findings include:

  • Seventy-four percent of workers feel they experienced challenges since the pandemic began.
  • When identifying the cause of their biggest challenges, 40 percent of workers blame a lack of information on solutions or tasks, while 32 percent blamed not having the right IT tools.
  • In asking what tools could make their job better, the top three answers were communications tools (70 percent), task monitoring (43 percent), and AI (39 percent).
  • Thirty-four percent said bots were most helpful at sorting and classifying data and documents.