• June 19, 2024

As enterprises continue to grapple with the economic fallout of the pandemic and they are required to be more productive with fewer resources, they are seeking automation and AI skills in new hires, according to a recent report. Seventy-three percent of executives surveyed for the report said, when choosing between two similarly qualified candidates, they would choose the one whose experience included familiarity with automation and AI tools.

The study, conducted by Forrester Research for RPA technology provider UiPath, found nearly 20 percent of enterprises use automation or AI across the organization, making the need for experience in those areas important even for hires who will not be working directly with the technology.

“We’re hearing loud and clear that executives want all employees to have automation and AI skills, and that employees, in turn, demand training to be successful with these emerging technologies,” said Tom Clancy, senior vice president of learning at UiPath. “As we continue to work in automation-led work environments, it’s absolutely crucial for all employees to have access to automation and AI education.”