• July 21, 2024

Intelligent document processing technology provider KnowledgeLake today announced a major upgrade to its platform is publicly available. The St. Louis-based company said the “Ontario” update of its cloud-first platform now features a new, more intuitive interface for its process automation engine that makes it more accessible to citizen developers.

“Digital workflows and processes are getting more complex by the day and involve a growing number of stakeholders,” said Jason Burian, vice president of product for KnowledgeLake. “To succeed in this dynamic environment and satisfy customers, organizations require more technical agility, and that means better tools. The Ontario release loops customers right into workflows and lets IT professionals and citizen developers alike automate complex, end-to-end business processes and create streamlined digital experiences for customers.” 

According to a statement, the upgrade will include two brand new features for KnowledgeLake’s users. The company said a new digital experience portal loops users, contractors and third-party vendors into workflows providing visibility for all stakeholders into the status of an automated process. The new version also features a low-code/no-code tool customers can use to design external-facing forms that can trigger automated workflows.