• May 22, 2024

New York City-based RPA technology provider Kryon said it has integrated a process discovery tool into its platform.

Process discovery—known alternately as process mining or process intelligence—has become an increasingly important part of the strategy for end users of automation technology. While governance, design, executive buy-in and cross-departmental cooperation are all important to successful RPA implementations, identifying the right processes to automate in the first place is critical. Increasingly, companies are employing process mining technology to optimize the effectiveness of their RPA programs, identify which processes can and should be automated, reveal bottlenecks and inefficiencies in processes and reduce operating costs.

RPA and other intelligent automation providers are increasingly adding process mining capabilities into their platforms—some through acquisition, others by developing that functionality internally. Kryon chose the latter, tapping into a software market that more than doubled between 2018 and 2019, growing 150 percent to reach around $240 million, according to a recent study.

“Most business teams don’t have the resources to quickly and easily understand where the barriers to productivity are lurking, especially in this remote environment,” said Harel Tayeb, CEO of Kryon. “With this free version of Process Discovery, Kryon is providing any business, regardless of its size or budget, with a holistic understanding of their business processes. Our new SaaS offering is designed to make process optimization and automation accessible to any business user, regardless of technical background. It will provide the visibility they need to take the next step on their digital excellence journey.”