• June 19, 2024

A new report from global business consultancy Accenture focused on the role of technology in the federal government and noted a digital-first approach, championed from the top down, is vital to operate in the current environment. To that end, the report identified five trends government agencies will need to address for effective post-pandemic leadership.

One of those five trends—empowering innovators in the workforce—capitalizes on the characteristics of the “citizen developer” that has become prevalent in the RPA space. The report notes the democratization of technology, a trend the automation space has leveraged extensively in recent years, will be necessary for leaders in federal government to achieve their goals.

According to the report, nearly 90 percent of federal executives believe technology democratization is becoming critical in their ability to ignite innovation across their agencies.

“We see federal employees of all stripes employing a wide variety of emerging, mostly cloud-based platforms and tools to create custom dashboards, run data analytics, launch low-code or no-code applications, and even introduce automation and AI into their workstreams,” the report’s authors wrote. “Going forward, these technologies will empower individual employees to determine their own individual requirements for fixing problems and improving processes, select the right technologies and tools for the task, and then address those requirements as a self-service.”