• July 25, 2024

RPA incorporating AI is becoming increasingly important to organizations interested in automating business processes. Poor understanding of how to operationalize AI, however, may be standing in the way of implementing AI-based solutions. Two-thirds of technology decision-makers expect AI use cases of all kinds to increase in the next 18-24 months, according to a new report from Forrester and InRule. Most of those decision-makers say concerns in their organization about job security are a challenge when implementing AI technologies.

The report, titled Why You’re Wrong about Operationalizing AI, debunks several myths around the technology, including that there are not enough use cases for AI, data scientists versed in the technology are too rare and AI can cause unexpected results.

“We found that AI decision-makers see operationalizing AI as critical to gaining essential insights about customers and markets to improve business outcomes,” the report’s authors wrote. “However, silos, data challenges, and a lack of resources stand in the way.”

Forrester found that nearly 100 percent of companies will be implementing some form of AI by 2025. The consultancy’s recommendations mirror some that have been advanced by proponents of RPA and automation: Don’t hesitate, educate boards and corporate leadership using early successes and what is required for scale, and build a pipeline of use cases.