• April 22, 2024

Hoboken, N.J.-based software provider NICE has formalized a code of ethics around RPA and intelligent automation it says is an industry first. The company’s Robo-Ethical framework comprises five guiding principles companies should adhere to as intelligent automation systems continue to gain traction globally.

“A strong set of Robo-Ethics is essential in harnessing the power of AI, RPA and other intelligent automation technologies to improve our lives,” Oded Karev, general manager of Robotic Automation Solutions for NICE, wrote in a corporate blog post introducing the framework. “Ethical guidelines and a clear moral compass for organizations and societies to follow, pave the way for sustainable and successful rollouts of the technology, and help to soothe societal anxiety about the impact of robots and machines on humans.”

According to the framework, the principles, which the company says are embedded in its RPA platform, state that robots automating business processes must be:

  1. Designed for positive impact
  2. Designed to be free from biased decision-making
  3. Designed to minimize the risk of individual harm
  4. Trained and function on verified data sources
  5. Designed with governance and control

Karev said NICE, which focuses its platform on attended automation, aims to hold itself and the RPA industry accountable for transparency and adherence to the principles put forth in the framework.