• April 25, 2024

Omantel, the primary provider of internet services in Oman, has signed an agreement with another Omani company to foster RPA education and training in the country. Rihal, a data management company that also provides RPA services in the region. Omantel has a program that trains Omani youth to bolster their skills in emerging technologies.

While RPA has a stronger foothold in North America, Europe and Asia, Middle Eastern and global businesses have been making efforts to prioritize and implement automation in the region.

“We at Omantel give special importance to the Omani youth because we believe that they have the capabilities and energies that push them to be creative and innovative in various fields,” said Samy Al Ghassani, chief operating officer of Omantel. “For this reason, we are pleased to join hands with Rihal to train a group of trainees of the Generation Z program in RPA to add to their experience and knowledge.”

The initiative is an expansion of training already happening at Omantel, according to the report, which is leveraging RPA in the business.