• July 21, 2024

Karl Mathias has been named chief information officer of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). As CIO of a cabinet-level government agency, Mathias will be responsible for the technological leadership of a department with more than 150,000 employees, which over the last few years has included a commitment to automation and RPA.

“HHS is pleased to welcome Dr. Mathias as Chief Information Officer,” HHS said in a statement. “Dr. Mathias is a seasoned executive whose career has been defined by exceptional leadership and a commitment to service. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated technical expertise and the ability to manage complex organizations and teams effectively.”

According to the most recent RPA Playbook, the document produced by the General Services Administration’s RPA Community of Practice for the U.S. federal government, the opportunity for RPA to transform federal operations is massive. Ongoing efforts to scale programs within the federal bureaucracy have yielded startling results so far and the GSA expects net capacity gains could be worth $3 billion.

Mathias is a long-time U.S. Air Force veteran who, after his retirement, served as CIO of the U.S. Marshals service. He succeeds acting CIO at HHS George Chambers.