• June 20, 2024

A new report from global consultancy Deloitte says 2021 will be the year federal agencies incorporate AI into the work of human teams more often and in more ways. According to 2021 Human Capital Trends: Innovating With Intent, the federal government will pair AI with humans to create “superteams” that will leverage automation in new ways.

According to the report, superteams have not become a widespread strategy in public sector organizations because many organizations still tend to view technology as a tool and enabler rather than as a team member and collaborator. Deloitte predicts 2021 is the year that changes.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, many public sector organizations accelerated incorporating technology into their team structure as a survival strategy to enable adaptability and speed,” the report says. “Leaders can use what they have learned to construct superteams that pair people with technology to re-architect work in more human ways and accomplish more together.”

The report points to the USDA Farm Services Agency Farm Loan Programs team as an example. The team paired three bots that perform loan servicing tasks with the FLP’s 1,200 employees and eliminated the need for peer review so loan officers could focus on advising borrowers.