• June 15, 2024

The “Big Three” RPA software providers, unsurprisingly, took the top three spots in a ranking of technology vendors in the industry, according to HFS Research, with Automation Anywhere topping the annual list for 2020. UiPath, Blue Prism, WorkFusion and Pega rounded out the top five.

In its report detailing the methodology the consultancy used to rank companies in the space, HFS bemoaned that companies have missed a critical opportunity with RPA. The report’s authors contend the technology has been used merely “to move data around enterprises faster with less manual intervention rather than rewire our business processes and create new thresholds of value.”

With that admonition in mind, HFS ranked companies that made this year’s top 10 list using criteria that rewarded technology in categories it “deemed as critical to supporting the transformation mission.”

Antworks, Kofax, NICE Kryon and edgeverve rounded out the rest of the Top 10. The company also had a ranking based on interviews with RPA customers. Blue Prism, UiPath and Kryon topped that list.

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