• May 22, 2024

Because it will be such an enormous RPA customer, stories of how the federal government in the U.S. plans to automate manual processes using the technology have become commonplace. But opportunities at the state and municipal level may be even more numerous and more necessary. In a recent podcast for StateScoop, Meredith Ward and Amy Glasscock of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers named artificial intelligence, including RPA, as one of the top priorities for CIOs at the state government level in 2020.

Ward and Glassock said state governments are looking to technology, as most private sector companies are, to enable them to “do more with less.” But which technology they are turning to is changing.

“We’ve seen that trend continue, so our most recent survey in 2019, AI was again No. 1 with 65 percent and it just seems like people are talking less about IoT these days and it just got 20 percent,” Glasscock says. “RPA and chatbots, those are really the first things that states might use in the AI world and they’re sort of the low-hanging fruit.”