• July 24, 2024

A new report from RPA technology provider Blue Prism and consultancy HFS has distilled the experiences of and lessons learned by automation users into a new report that illustrates how the pandemic changed attitudes toward automation and developing coherent automation strategies.

“The change in the enterprise mindset towards technology and automation has gone through a pragmatic revolution since the pandemic,” said Phil Fersht, CEO and chief analyst at HFS Research. “We have to approach all future automation in the cloud if we want our processes to run effectively end-to-end, which means we need effective, scalable technology to make this all possible. In identifying ‘automation heroes, sidekicks and stragglers,’ this research provides seven important lessons that all enterprise leaders can benefit from in pursuit of realizing real, strategic value from their automation investments.”

Automation Heroes, Sidekicks and Stragglers analyzed businesses with successful (and not so successful) automation strategies and drew seven conclusions based on the actions of those it considers “heroes”

  • If you wish for a band-aid, you will get a band-aid.
  • Automation, the cloud, and the nexus of data are all vital for success.
  • Automation needs a C-level push and an employee-level pull to be successful.
  • Automation success requires diversified investments across the technology stack.
  • Use automation to “automate.”
  • A unified workforce mindset is a prerequisite to automation success.
  • Engage with an expert when help is needed.

To understand how major enterprises are organizing their automation efforts, their successes, challenges, opportunities, and desired outcomes, download a copy of the report here.