• May 22, 2024

All indications to the contrary, information printed in ink on dead trees has not completely vanished, even in the advanced world of AI, RPA and automation. Three books on the topic have recently been published and are available as resources to guide those interested in business process automation.

Appian, a provider of a low-code development platform that enables companies to build business applications, has released a collection of essays from a dozen luminaries in the tech world titled Hyperautomation. With a foreword from chess Grand Master Garry Kasparov and an introduction from Appian CEO Matt Calkins, each chapter, delivered by a different author, looks at an aspect of low-code development and digital transformation.

From the “how to” section comes the aptly titled Robotic Process Automation Projects: Build real-world RPA solutions using UiPath and Automation Anywhere, by Arun Kumar Asokan. Asokan, an enterprise architect with expertise in RPA, OCR and AI at EXL, guides readers through example projects using two of the most popular RPA tools available—UiPath and Automation Anywhere’s A2019. He demonstrates how to build a helpdesk ticket system, a CRM system that integrates Excel data, an automated ERP administration system, how to invoke APIs and how AI and machine learning can be implemented.

Finally, John Rauscher, a speaker on various AI topics at international conferences, and collaborator Matt Rauscher have penned The Rise of the Cobot: Grow Your Business Exponentially with Collaborative Artificial Intelligence. The authors explore use cases for AI, explain the concept of “cobots” (collaborative robots) and how they can transform a range of businesses.

All three are available in paper and electronic formats from most booksellers.