• July 25, 2024

Software giant SAP announced a hackathon for end users so they can become more familiar with the company’s low-code/no-code capabilities enabling citizen developers in business lines to build apps and automations in a visual, less technical environment.

The company said it is inviting SAP users to a three-day event happening April 25-27 that will give them free access to SAP Build and SAP Build Process Automation in addition to technical support. During the event, SAP said it will provide a list of predefined use cases and real-life business challenges participants will use to guide them in development of business applications and process automation.

“In order to give you a broad spectrum of our capabilities and to see your requirements reflected in the hackathon we will include challenges related to workflow-orchestration, RPA-based automation, Machine Learning extraction, Fiori interfaces & mobile development into our challenges,” the company noted. “The tool comes with a user-friendly, web-based interface which is absolutely ideal for this format. We are also planning to give presentations, hands-on exercises and involve expert trainers who can support your team if you are stuck.”

For more information or to register for the event, visit SAP’s website.