• April 20, 2024

The Singapore Police Force recently wrapped up a pilot program seeking to improve antifraud efforts using intelligent automation technology. The law enforcement agency said its Anti-Scam Centre (ASC) partnered with local banks on an operation conducted from September through December 2023 that automated the process of identifying scam victims and speeding up notification.

“The collaboration between the police and its partnering banks has also significantly improved their outreach to promptly alert a larger number of victims within a short period of time and prevent further losses,” the Singapore Police said. “Many of these victims only realized that they had fallen prey to scams after receiving SMS alerts from the police, advising them to immediately cease further monetary transfers.”

According to the agency, its collaboration with the partner banks—DBS Bank, UOB Bank, OCBC Bank and Standard Chartered Bank—used RPA to send nearly 50,000 text alerts to more than 15,000 bank customers who fell victim to fraud during the operation. The police said the notices disrupted at least 5,300 ongoing scams and prevented nearly SGD$70 million (USD$ 53 million) in losses.