• June 20, 2024

Dear RPA Today Community – We’re very excited to share with the entire RPA Today network our latest co-branded white paper. Along with enterprise technology company Appian, RPA Today has produced the CIO Handbook: Lessons from a successful CIO on how to create culture and continuous improvement for your automation initiatives.

The guide outlines strategies CIOs, future CIOs and tech leaders can use to make their organizations more efficient and productive with automation.

In this PDF you will learn from a CIO who has been successfully deploying automation software for 8 years. You’ll see firsthand how he:

  • Empowers his team
  • Listens to them
  • Anticipates their needs
  • Develops iterative learning
  • Establishes trust in IT, among managers and staff, across the entire organization

And, just as the steps detailed here can help you succeed, honest feedback from our readers will enable us to continue bringing you the practical knowledge and information you need to drive your business. Let us know what you think.

Please feel free to email me personally, with any and all feedback after you download and read our PDF.

Download the PDF today.

Steven Casco
RPA Today