• June 19, 2024

Tredence, a San Jose, Calif.-based data science and AI company has acquired Exactus Advisors’ Buying Group and Rebate Management platform with an eye on offering automated rebate workflows.

A typical rebate process can be frustrating for consumers to endure. Tredence CEO and co-founder Shub Bhowmick said the acquisition will enable digitization and visibility into rebate deal structures translating into reduced customer friction and increased loyalty.

“In the high-voltage rebate business, data analytics have become a competitive differentiator. Insights are  crucial for suppliers to reinvest their revenues aggressively into rebates to attract more buyers and sales,  and the member buyers are looking for rebates with the best returns,” said Bhowmick. “Staying true to our vision of enabling last-mile adoption of analytics, we are bringing  rebate management platform innovation under our umbrella to help clients chase opportunities actively  and maximize ROI.”