• July 24, 2024

With the ubiquity of the PDF format and other digital services, Adobe has established itself as one of the most well-known electronic document technology providers. UiPath recently announced it has partnered with Adobe to integrate Adobe Document Services and Adobe Acrobat Sign into its automation platform.

Manual processes traditionally drew heavily from paper-based sources including handwritten documents and signatures. Though companies have moved away from physical pieces of paper toward PDFs and other electronic forms of documentation, automating processes that draw on those sources can still be cumbersome. Under the agreement, Adobe and UiPath hope to change that.

“Whether it’s onboarding new hires, creating NDAs, or ordering standard equipment, employees and customers spend a lot of time repeating manual, paper-based processes,” said Deepak Bharadwaj, vice president of Product Management for Adobe Document Cloud. “These tasks not only take too much time, but they also introduce inefficiency and risk into every step of the process. In today’s hybrid world, every department across an organization needs modern tools that accelerate document and e-signature workflows. And with UiPath and Adobe’s integration, organizations will have easy access to the best digital document experiences that drive productivity and scale in a secure manner.”

The companies said the partnership will reduce the time and effort required to gather data, create documents, and request signatures. While enabling businesses to modify and optimize key documents supporting their business workflows.